What is CBD and How Can It Help You?

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active ingredient found in cannabis. However, pure CBD does not contain any THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the ingredient responsible for producing the “high” effect that many people experience when consuming the drug marijuana.

Most CBD that is available in the United States is derived from hemp, which must contain less than 0.3% THC for it to be legal under the 2018 Farm Bill; therefore the majority of CBD products that are considered federally legal do not produce a noticeable “high.”

How Can CBD Help Me?

CBD has the potential to help people in a variety of different areas.

It may be neuroprotective. CBD is thought to act on a variety of signalling systems within the brain, so it could be beneficial for people with a variety of neurological problems ranging from epilepsy to MS, which is short for multiple sclerosis, a degenerative nerve disease that disrupts communication between the brain and nervous system.

It may help alleviate pain. CBD has been seen to reduce sciatic nerve pain and inflammation in rats, as well as pain from surgical incisions. There have also been human-based studies in individuals with arthritis and MS; however, many of these studies have combined CBD and THC because Sativex, an oral spray that combines the two active ingredients, is available in several countries (though not the United States) to treat MS-related pain and muscle spasms.

It could help to reduce anxiety. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to support this claim, but there are not many major studies that have explored CBD’s effects on anxiety. However, there was a study conducted in Brazil in which 57 men were given either an oral dose of CBD or a placebo before taking a controlled public speaking test. The men who received a 300mg dose of CBD experienced the greatest decrease in anxiety, which was reported to be “significant.”

It could help to regulate depressive symptoms. Depression is a major cause of disability throughout the world, according to the World Health Organization. In animal studies, CBD has shown potential antidepressant-like effects, which are believed to originate from its effects on the brain’s neurotransmitters.

It may have protective effects for the heart and circulatory system. CBD may have an impact on high blood pressure, which is a known risk factor for several adverse health events, such as heart attack and stroke. In a human-based study, 9 healthy men were treated with a single dose of 600mg of CBD oil, which reduced their resting blood pressure and subsequently lowered their blood pressure spikes during a cardiovascular stress test. Additionally, animal studies have shown promise regarding CBD’s ability to reduce the inflammation and cell death that typically accompanies heart disease.


Why The Good Doctor Wellness Brand?

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