How can CBD help with menstrual cramps?

CBD for Period Cramps

The use of cannabis for period cramps goes back at least several hundred years; in fact, Queen Victoria even used cannabis to help with her monthly period pains. Many people turn to CBD to relieve period cramps because of its effectiveness at reducing pain signals and inflammation. However, it’s usefulness for relieving period pain varies from person to person, just like the usefulness of medications like NSAIDs and other pain relievers.

What Causes Period Cramps?

To prepare for pregnancy, people with a uterus ovulate once a month for approximately 24 hours. When the individual’s body realizes there is no sperm present to fertilize the released egg, the egg dies and starts to break down, along with the thickened lining of the uterus. This causes the bleeding that is commonly referred to as a “period.”

Cramps are triggered when elevated levels of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that trigger pain and inflammation, cause the uterus to contract more frequently or severely.

How to Use CBD for Period Cramps

There are a variety of ways that CBD can be used for period cramps, some more anecdotal than scientific, but all of which have a following online and in the cannabis community. Here, we’ll detail some of the most common CBD products used for period cramps and how you can incorporate them into your menstrual routine.


You can use products such as The Good Doctor Wellness’s CBD Infused Pain Patch or Pain Relief Gel Roll-On to apply the CBD directly to the area that is most affected by pain at the time (usually the lower pelvic area, but other parts of the abdomen can be impacted as well, and can benefit from this pain relief). 

The most important thing to note with topical application is to follow all directions and to monitor the area for any skin irritation or reactions. If this occurs, discontinue topical use immediately and, if the reaction is severe, consult a doctor or other medical professional.


Products such as the Broad Spectrum Tincture or the Full Spectrum Tincture (both 1000mg total) can be placed under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream that way.

However, these drops can also be placed in items such as drinks and desserts (coffee and brownies are especially popular options).


While it might not be ideal to swallow a pill, taking something like this Broad Spectrum softgel or this Full Spectrum softgel along with an NSAID pain reliever could be a viable solution to keep the cramps at bay.


CBD can also be an effective treatment for PMS in some people. It is said to help with the following symptoms:

Anxiety and moodiness


Appetite changes, nausea, and vomiting

Acne and inflammatory skin symptoms

Other PMS symptoms

Because CBD has not been studied very thoroughly in a menstruating population, there is no exact science to back up the reasons why it can be so helpful for period symptoms except it’s known effects on depression and anxiety and pain and inflammation.

What Causes PMS?

While it is generally unclear what causes PMS, many researchers attribute it to fluctuating hormone levels in the weeks leading up to menstruation.

It also affects every individual differently; there are a large collection of symptoms that can be associated with PMS, and the type and severity of symptoms that a person experiences is highly dependent on that person’s medical history and conditions at the time of onset.

PMS symptoms can be influenced by several factors, including mental health history and stress levels leading up to the symptoms.

Additionally, less than 5% of women experience a more severe kind of PMS known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, which can become severe if not addressed medically.

How to Use CBD for PMS

Like CBD for period cramps, there are many ways you can consume CBD when you are experiencing PMS symptoms. Below are two good options, although there are many viable ways to do so.


This might not seem like an innovative way to consume CBD, but it’s ideal for PMS because chewing on something like these vegan gummy drops could help you both get the relief you need and work out a little frustration in the process. Gummies can be so satisfying, and when they can help with troublesome symptoms too, that’s even more reason to chew on them.

Bath Products

A different yet popular way to absorb CBD while experiencing PMS is through bath products such as CBD infused bath bombs. This is not only a good way to relax your muscles and the uterine wall, but it is also a viable and effective way to absorb CBD for additional relaxation and pain relief in the process.