CBD for Pets

CBD for Dogs

Across the internet, there are thousands, if not millions, of anecdotal success stories connecting the use of CBD in dogs to a reduction in seizures, arthritis pain, anxiety, and even, in some rarer cases, helping a dog go into remission from cancer.

However, there have not been any studies done on the long-term health benefits of CBD for your canine companion, though the American Kennel Club is currently hoping to help fund studies as the subject becomes less taboo in veterinary offices.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Because the data we have on CBD for dogs is so limited, there is no way to say that it is definitely safe, but the general consensus is that it is usually not unsafe for your pet to consume the correct amount of CBD based on their weight and size.

Some adverse effects to look out for if you do give your dog CBD are:

Nausea or vomiting


Drowsiness, though this could also be a side effect of a dose that’s a little too high

As always, if anything unusual persists, if any new symptoms emerge, or if anything causes you concern, call your veterinarian and let them know your dog seems to be unwell after being given CBD. While veterinarians can be hesitant to recommend CBD to their patient’s owners, that should never stop them from treating your dog if needed.

What is the Correct Dosage of CBD to Give My Dog?

The most important thing to consider when giving your dog CBD is their size and weight.

For example, The Good Doctor Wellness’s THC-Free Whole Hemp Dog Treats deliver 6mg of cannabinoids per serving, which can be a good dose for medium-size dogs, but may have to be split in half for an extra small dog.

(These dosing statements are just generalities; all pets will have their own specific needs and tolerances, and these statements are in no way meant to be taken as medical advice or veterinary guidelines.)

How Can I Give My Dog CBD?

There are three primary methods by which you can administer CBD to your dog, each having their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

CBD Dog Treats

Treats are a popular way to administer canine CBD because the flavor is something your dog will likely enjoy, and your dog already most likely associates receiving a treat with a positive experience or some sort of benefit.

The Good Doctor Wellness has delicious pumpkin-flavored dog treats that contain no THC, a fact that is vital to the health and safety of your pets. They also have beef-flavored CBD softchews, which are similar to their treats, but a little more chewy.

CBD Softgels

This option basically involves giving your dog a pill multiple times a day. Because a lot of pet parents want to try CBD in order to get their dogs off of medication instead of to give them a different pill, this option is probably the least popular of the three.

CBD Tinctures

Like humans, dogs can ingest CBD in a tincture form. However, they still require dog-specific products because their systems have very little to no tolerance for THC, so please do not give your dog CBD products meant for human consumption!

Instead, perhaps consider The Good Doctor Wellness’s 250mg or 500mg pet-specific tincture.

There are three primary methods by which you can administer CBD to your dog, each having their own unique strengths and weaknesses.